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July 1, 2012

A Few Good Men and Women

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I am looking for a few good men and women with an interest in open
source interactive mapping and database simulation design;
and who would also be interested in changing the world.

I want to build an interactive simulation of the program outlined
in my voters pamphlet statement.

This would be a way for interested would-be trustees, student
trust account holders, facilities commissioners and Public
Educational Program teacher/educators to get a hands-on
understanding of the proposals while at the same time actually
creating the entire system.

If designed properly, this simulation could be seamlessly
transformed into the actual system should the legislature (or an
interested foundation) want to give this “education management
system” a test drive. Of course the families and individuals who
created the simulated Neighborhood Education Districts,
Individual Student Trust Accounts, Public Education Programs
and Community Facilities Districts would form a knowledgeable
and motivated constituency to effect the legislative action
necessary to implement these proposals.

I have no experience with programming or simulation design. I
can provide a complete picture of the destination, but I need
assistance with the technical implementation. If you want to be
part of an open source design team, or part of one of many design
teams or if you want to design the entire simulation yourself, or
simply have ideas or questions, please let me know. I’m looking
forward to hearing from you.

Please email me at: ANewFoundation {a*t} centurytel {d0t} net

– John Blair


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