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July 1, 2012

A Few Good Men and Women

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I am looking for a few good men and women with an interest in open
source interactive mapping and database simulation design;
and who would also be interested in changing the world.

I want to build an interactive simulation of the program outlined
in my voters pamphlet statement.

This would be a way for interested would-be trustees, student
trust account holders, facilities commissioners and Public
Educational Program teacher/educators to get a hands-on
understanding of the proposals while at the same time actually
creating the entire system.

If designed properly, this simulation could be seamlessly
transformed into the actual system should the legislature (or an
interested foundation) want to give this “education management
system” a test drive. Of course the families and individuals who
created the simulated Neighborhood Education Districts,
Individual Student Trust Accounts, Public Education Programs
and Community Facilities Districts would form a knowledgeable
and motivated constituency to effect the legislative action
necessary to implement these proposals.

I have no experience with programming or simulation design. I
can provide a complete picture of the destination, but I need
assistance with the technical implementation. If you want to be
part of an open source design team, or part of one of many design
teams or if you want to design the entire simulation yourself, or
simply have ideas or questions, please let me know. I’m looking
forward to hearing from you.

Please email me at: ANewFoundation {a*t} centurytel {d0t} net

– John Blair


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  1. Researching people running for State Superintendent. You are the only one of the 5 candidates–all of whom claim to be non-partisan–who are running for Washington State Superintendent who supports Charter schools. Perhaps you can tell me the difference between the charter school model and basic private schools other than the source of their financing. This website looked interesting and I hope you find the talented individuals you are looking for.

    Comment by Cece Meyers — July 31, 2012 @ 9:20 pm | Reply

    • John Blair responds …

      Hello again,

      My support for charter schools is because they give more choices for parents. The initiation of the programs does not have to come through the existing school boards which is an almost impossible task. I’ve been in two successful efforts, once as a high school science teacher and once as an elementary school parent. Both efforts were a constant battle within the system and both were eventually shutdown, not from lack of enrollment but from lack of administrative support. Charters have many more restrictions, as they must, than private schools because they are tax-funded. They are important in my opinion from a societal point of view because they are easier to start and they can fail. Both attributes produce the experimentation necessary to adapt our schools to our changing world. One other important aspect, at least in the past, they were open enrollment schools (any one can get in based on space available) which our existing public schools a slowly becoming. jb

      Comment by FreeRangeAuthor — August 5, 2012 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

  2. Hey, John! I just wanted to say that I’m interested in the proposal stated above. And with my limited knowledge of databases as a student of EWU, I would like to offer what help I can give. I would also like to ask you to what extent is religion not allowed to be practiced in the school system. Are you referring to the practice of it in a study of religion? Because in that case I cannot argue with the instruction of the course. But I will say this. If we have a right to freedom of speech as Americans under the First Amendment. Then students should have the confidence to express or explain what they believe when they deem it appropriate. If a student however is attempting to force their beliefs onto another that is another story. And in that case the student should be discouraged from treating the other person in such a manner. I hope you don’t take offense at my query. It’s just an honest question as to the nature of your statement concerning the prohibition of practicing religion. I apologize if I took your statement the wrong way. I do hope in any case that I can help you with your proposal concerning open source interactive mapping and database simulation design. I also like to add that Eastern Washington University’s Computer Science Degrees require a Senior Project and Senior Capstone. Together they are a two quarter sequence where students in groups of 5 work to develop a product. These products are put forward by some of the areas business entities or the university. There could be an opportunity there if you were to contact either Tom Capaul or Steve Simmons of the Computer Science Faculty, who oversee these projects. Good luck to you in the election!

    Comment by David S. Fall — August 6, 2012 @ 8:45 pm | Reply

    • John Blair responds …

      Hi David,

      Religion could be studied but not practiced. Students would be free but not expected, to say what they believed in the course of discussion. This is a tricky area which would probably be a source of many valuable disagreements.

      I’m thrilled by your interest and your great idea. I’ll contact you after the primary. jb

      Comment by FreeRangeAuthor — August 6, 2012 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

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